Vintage Rocking Chair Before and After

Over the past two years we have hunted and found rocking chairs for friends (including ourselves!) at least six times. Our friend group has definitely hit the parenting band-wagon. There are a lot of new options out there, but we wanted rocking chairs that could add some character and history to our nurseries.

Here's the one I found for my baby girl's room. It was a vintage yellow beauty in a sea of more current used furniture. I liked the yellow, but the fabric had some stains and wear, so I decided to have it reupholstered. The wood arms also needed some polishing up, so we handled that too. Also, what is the two-button thing about?


I went crazy on patterns in the rest of my room, so I chose a simple gray fabric for the rocking chair. The amazing Janie's Upholstery worked her magic, and, voila, a chair that would provide hours of soothing comfort for two tired parents and their tiny babe. It's the perfect fit in our bohemian modern nursery!