My Three Rugs: One Space, Three Different Looks

Alright, alright, so I have a problem with swapping out things in my home and Retro Den only enables me. Don't look at me like that. I could have worse habits like popping my knuckles.

So naturally, I have had three different rugs in my living room over the past year and a half. And now, for your entertainment and mine, I'd like you to join me for a review of my rug swapping journey. 

No. 1: Blue

No. 1: Blue

No. 2: OrangeΒ 

No. 2: Orange 

No. 3: Green

No. 3: Green

Rug No. 1

When we purchased our home last year, I hoarded this cream and blue flat weave rug that was originally from Pottery Barn and then proudly rolled it out across my living room floor.

PROS: I enjoyed its muted color palette and the flower-esque shapes.

CONS: It didn't offer much in terms of padding for the old feet or the toddler.


Rug No. 2

After nine months or so, I must have gotten a little tired of the muted palette because I went bold with this orange beauty. I admit, I knew this rug wouldn't stay forever because although I love orange, my husband isn't its biggest fan. 

PROS: Obtained from a vintage rug collection (It's the real deal!); brought a bold, warm color into the space, to which I'm naturally drawn; soft on the feet!

CONS: My husband and I both attended The University of Oklahoma, so orange cannot be a permanent, majority color in our home.


Rug No. 3

When this pretty green giant came into the shop not more than two months later, I knew she had to be mine forever. It just felt right.

PROS: It's a deep, dark, interesting green that I could fall in love with over and over. Because it's the same shade of green I painted the adjoining breakfast nook, the rug helps lead the eye from room to room, giving a nod from one space to the other. Plus, it's so so plush and soft. 

CONS: Nope, I don't think it has any cons.

Note the green breakfast nook in the background

Note the green breakfast nook in the background

Our German Shepherd Sagan snoozing nearby

Our German Shepherd Sagan snoozing nearby


That's it. My case study on my living room rug. I hope this review was insightful. I know not everyone runs a vintage furniture shop and can easily swap out rugs–a strange and lovely perk of this small business life. I don't plan on swapping out my rug again, but can you really trust me when it comes to swapping? Well, my friends, I think the answer is no.


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