I don’t think I can put enough praise about Retro Den into three sentences. I had never met the Ashleys when signing up for a mini session, and I’m so glad I went through with it. They helped me change my living room from a mismatched room filled with college furniture to a ‘Pinterest worthy’ living room. The Ashleys have a true and natural talent for home styling.
— Paige Colpitt, Mini-Session Home Styling Client, Tulsa, OK

For what it costs us to go to a nice dinner or for what we paid for our last staycation thing...I had two experts show up at my home, transform the room that sets the tone for every single day of my life, and leave me with specific actions I could take starting immediately to continue to improve the space.
— Natasha Ball, Mini-Session Home Styling Client, Tulsa, OK

  Photo: Melissa Click Photography

Photo: Melissa Click Photography

Because you Ashleys are awesome! I love working with you two and I need your help to pull this room together. I’m definitely stuck on how to create the space that I have imaged in my head.
— Emily Netz, Mini-Session Home Styling Client, Tulsa, OK

Working with the Ashleys was such a fun and relaxed way to spend a Saturday morning. I loved seeing their styling process and seeing how beautiful shelves come together. I am just sitting on my couch now and admiring the calm, beautiful place for my plants. I can’t wait to do work surrounded by my favorited things.
— Susannah Larson, Whole Enchilada E-Styling Client, Washington DC

I loved my home styling session with the Retro Den ladies. They looked over the room with fresh eyes and made practical suggestions based on my tastes. They were friendly and supportive and gave me the confidence to make changes in my home.
— Jenny Clyde, Mini-Session Home Styling Client, Tulsa, OK

When I walked into the Retro Den, I connected right away. What did I connect with? The happiness. The ease. The light. The playful mix of color and texture and shape, which on second glance showed a keen design intelligence. These were the things my home was missing, and try as I might I couldn’t achieve them on my own. I thought, if they can do it in the shop, why not ask if they can help me do it in my house? I asked, they said yes, and thus began a relationship that has been a total delight–and a profound shift in the way I think about my family’s living spaces. The Ashleys made respect and empowerment the cornerstones of the process from the get-go: they were here to help, not to tell me what to do. And their help? Is actually helpful. Strategies, baby steps, homework (with suggested deadlines), inspiration photos, new ways to work with old belongings, and so much more. Tools I can actually use, and that I now incorporate into my own decision-making processes. Never a demand, never a hard sell or an out-of-reach ideal. They really listen. After 13 years of living in this house, it is finally functional and lovely for me and my family, because of the happy, easy, light, playful, keenly intelligent way the women of the Retro Den showed up.
— Alicia Chesser, Whole Enchilada Home Styling Client, Tulsa, OK

First, we took a tour of my house.  I loved this house when I first toured it, and still do, but there’s something about being reminded why you fell in love with something in the first place, especially after its flaws start to come through. They brought so much appreciation for my own home back to me, and I’m going to hold onto that forever.
— Jessica Sprenkel, Mini-Session Styling Client, Tulsa, OK
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Let the Ashleys put their heads together and give you advice about your space! They have the experience and design sense to help you get where you want to be regardless of where that is. One of the most helpful parts of the experience is the homework they give you prior to the visit. Life is too short to not live in a beautiful space (on a beautiful background!)
— Arena Mueller, Mini-Session Home Styling Client, Tulsa, OK

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We chose to buy this house because it felt like what we wanted, but after living in it for a while, it didn’t all really feel like us yet. The living room in particular was a collection of random furniture we’d bought to suit the needs of various rooms in past homes, none of which made sense in the new one. With the Ashleys’ help, we were able to feel good about letting go of many things we didn’t need, replacing a few of them with things we do need, and turning the living room into a comfortable space for us.
— William Bajzek, Mini-Session Home Styling Client, Tulsa, OK

Thank you for not telling me that all my stuff is crap and that I should get rid of it all and come shopping. I didn’t think you would do that, but one never knows...You all really showed the joy you find in making people happy in the home. Thank you for giving me permission to embrace my crazy plant lady-ness.
— Anne Brockman, Mini-Session Home Styling Client, Tulsa, OK